Setting up a Trust Cornwall

A Trust is a way for you to protect assets and vulnerable beneficiaries, as well as forming part of a succession and tax planning strategy.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to Trusts, and our team will discuss your needs with you to work out the best solution for your circumstances and what you wish to achieve.

You can establish a Trust during your lifetime or through your will on death.

Examples of when a Trust can be beneficial:

  • Protecting assets for children against third party claims, such as divorce and bankruptcy.
  • Personal Injury Trusts for safeguarding compensation payments and ensuring that the additional funds will not affect entitlement to means tested benefits.
  • Allowing you to make provision for children with disabilities or additional learning needs.
  • Second marriage wills allow you to make provision for your spouse but ensure that assets will eventually pass to your children.

For more information about Trusts, please email Nick Latimir or call 01872 276116/01736 339322.