Will writers classed as key workers

To arrange an initial video-link meeting, please email Nick Latimir at nick.latimir@rrlwills.co.uk.

Lawyers who provide will writing services for clients during the Covid19 Pandemic have been classified as Key Workers by the Ministry of Justice.

At RRL Wills, we continue to assist client with their wills, whether it is updating existing documents or making wills for the first time. We usually email clients a Will Questionnaire to complete and this will provide a lot of the information we require to draft the documents. We have been using video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams to meet with clients and take their instructions. We are then able to securely share documents with our clients and this enables us to remotely review documents via video-conferencing before sending out final versions for the clients to sign.

We are able to guide clients through the will signing process, ensuring that the various formalities, such as the correct number and identity of witnesses, are complied with, whilst at the same time advising on how the Government guidelines on social distancing can be followed as far as possible and how various precautions can be taken.

We are also pleased to offer Key Workers a 15% discount on our fixed fees for wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions (otherwise known as Living Wills). Nick Latimir, solicitor and director at RRL Wills, commented that β€œin a time that Key Workers are braving the front lines of the current pandemic, we are pleased to potentially be able to alleviate one of the potential issues that may be troubling them: are my affairs in order and is my family protected?”